Sri. Basawaraj H. Patil
Chief Trustee

Sri. Basawaraj H. Patil is a renowned figure on the political horizon of Karnataka. He had rendered yeoman services to the masses during various stints in the government especially as the erstwhile government. This philanthropist envisages a great future for SPRS and advocates a service centric approach that enables everyone a avail quality education.

Dr. Chandrashekhar B. Patil

Dr. Chandrasekhar B. Patil, a doctor by qualification and an academic entrepreneur by profession hails from a renowned family engaged in active social-service. He has tremendous experience in the academic sphere garnered through his successful forays into higher education, medical education, pharma education and other allied areas.

Chairman's Message

Welcome to SPRS, a world of academic brilliance where unconventional thoughts are leveraged to churn out winning formulae on a sustained format. Yes it’s time to sit back and watch in awe as a whole new concept in schooling and learning takes shape to nurture the future generation. Schooling without boundaries, learning without limits and thinking beyond the obvious is what SPRS all about. Born into a typical entrepreneurial family with political leanings I always had a wide array of professional options to choose from; not to mention my qualification as an allopathic doctor. Yet I chose to be an academic entrepreneur out of concern for my home town, Humnabad. In fact the lack of proper academic facilities in and around Humnabad spurred me to visualize a world class school offering the very best of curriculum and helmed by a bunch of seasoned academic professionals with total commitment to excellence. The net result is there for everyone to see – SPRS.

We have strived very hard to make this school a prestigious seat of learning and shape it into what it is today, an acclaimed portal of holistic learning. Every care is taken to see to it that the wards get the very best of education, amenities and all round grooming. Special emphasis is laid on making the boarding facility adhere to stringent global standards. Food served at SPRS is yet another example of our penchant for the very best. Healthy, well balanced meals are served in hygienic conditions with an eye for variety and taste. Sprawling playgrounds, well stocked library, futuristic labs and totally dedicated workforce give SPRS a true head start. Thanks to our seasoned teaching staff, power packed curriculum and modern methodologies we have been witnessing spectacular results and experiencing hyper growth by evolving into a top school in eastern Karnataka. We hope to continue the good showing with the unflinching support of all those parents who have been reposing their unflinching faith in us.

Principal's Message

Education is not just for a limited purpose of examination. It is a sort of residue waves that education helps to train the mind to develop and retain all that necessary for the growth and refinement of an individual. It is a process of developing the all round personality of an individual for a healthy growth. I would like to express that character building is the essence of education. Individual will be better equipped to deal with the intricate problems of the society at any point of time. Thus the word “Education” is the prime instrument of human purpose. Education is neither limited to excelling in academics nor tantamount to laying the foundation for a rewarding career. It’s much more than all that; it’s a way of life waiting to be embraced. Wholesome learning from a ward’s perspective is a steep learning curve punctuated by responsibility, confidence, dedication and ethics. At SPRS we strive to instil in every ward all the necessary skills required, academic and life related, to empower him or her to successfully negotiate the challenges thrown by an increasingly competitive future. In the contemporary world nothing is more paramount than nurturing a generation that is well learned and well aware of its responsibilities towards the larger society. And we at SPRS contribute our might to this cause through the power of our curriculum, rigor of our routines and sheer commitment of our staff and management team. Here’s hoping for a glorious future sans economic instabilities, political inadequacies and social inequalities"

Hence all the Parents are requested to encourage your children by providing the "Best Education".